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Taking Halloween Bids!

Before October marks its end with a bevy of costumes and a sugar rush to boot, I urge you to consider hanging out with two unbelievably talented (and oh so cool) Butterfly moms, Danielle Monaro and Siggy Flicker:


Help to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure by bidding on 2-Tickets to a sold-out Jingle Ball in NYC (featuring LADY GAGA and PITBULL, to name a few), lunch with Z100 co-host, Danielle Monaro and Z100 studio tour included!




Bid to raise money for VH1 Save the Music Foundation and enjoy a 45-minute phone consultation with Siggy Flicker, Love/Life Coach, STAR of VH1’s new hit reality show, “Why am I Still Single?”  The winner will also receive a “Turbo Twins Makeover” from the show’s Twin Beauty Experts, Jen and Jamie Dunn!




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And finally, before you carve (or attempt to carve) those pumpkins…



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charitybuzz | #257116 – Play against Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Gigi Fernandez and enjoy Two Tickets to the US Open

charitybuzz | #257116 – Play against Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Gigi Fernandez and enjoy Two Tickets to the US Open.

Valentine’s Day Advice for Single Moms!

All the single ladies! All the single ladies… put your hands up! Even Ashlee Simpson, who filed for divorce from rocker Pete Wentz last week, put your hands up!  Relationship expert and single mother of two, Siggy Flicker, offers valuable Valentine’s Day advice:

For all you beautiful, wonderful, strong and self- sufficient single mom’s out there, I have one piece of advice for you on this Valentine’s Day, “Love Yourself and Be Your Own Valentine!”

So what if you don’t have a Valentine this year. Who cares? You may have one next year so don’t fret and take this opportunity and this special day to spoil yourself rotten and indulge. There is nothing like pampering yourself. Learn how to love yourself and appreciate “YOU”!

Indulge, splurge and pamper yourself by asking one simple question. “What do I do that makes me happy?” Is it a manicure, pedicure, facial or Botox?! Is it buying that special outfit or those shoes that you’ve longed for? What about picking up some fresh flowers for yourself? Whatever it may be, make this day special for YOU”! READ MORE

Give your baby a special keepsake this Valentine’s Day- a Jenny McCarthy (another fab single mom!) autographed baby blanket from her Too Good™ by Jenny line. It’s SO easy to WIN- click here to enter quickly because contest ends at 5pm today!


Or, give the wildest, more unique Valentine’s Day gift of them all- a chance to meet Will Smith as you dine with the cast of the Fresh Price of Bel Air! Now that’s a whole lot of love! Click here to bid on this charity auction that will benefitSweetBlackberry.org in honor of Black History Month.


I can feel the love and hope you do too! Happy Valentine’s Day.




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Meet Will Smith while you dine with the cast of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in LA!

“Will Smith rejoins Fresh Prince of Bel Air Co-Stars:”
Karyn Parsons, Tatyana Ali, Alfonso Ribeiro and James Avery
in an Exclusive Online Charity Auction to Benefit Sweet Blackberry

Honoring Black History Month ~ February 1-28, 2011

MyWorkButterfly.com, in partnership with Pit Bull Energy Products (Hip Hop Beverage Corporation), is proudly hosting a “Fresh Prince Reunion” experience auction with: Will Smith, Karyn Parsons, Tatyana Ali, Alfonso Ribeiro and James Avery, cast of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Proceeds from this Live Charity Auction will benefit the Sweet Blackberry organization founded by Karyn Parsons (aka Hilary Banks), in helping to further educate children.

WHO: MyWorkButterfly.com, the most comprehensive social networking site that provides free resources to help return-to-work moms and working moms, is made up of a community of parents who have an overwhelming desire to make a positive impact in the lives of children.  Pit Bull Energy Products manufactures and distributes energy drinks, bars, and mixes. Their sugar free energy drinks are the only energy drinks on the market that are deemed suitable for diabetics according to the American Diabetes Association. With new flavors like blueberry pomegranate, cranberry pink grapefruit, and cherry lime, Pit Bull meets the consumer’s demand for better tasting and healthier energy drink. These flavor infused energy drinks are rich in anti-oxidants and full of vitamins. The blueberry pomegranate has recently been picked up by the Department of Defense and is the official energy drink of the troops.


Sweet Blackberry is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing little known stories of remarkable African-American achievement to children everywhere, thereby illuminating their contributions to this country,
and its culture. We can change our world if we raise children who realize they
can find a way around the obstacles that challenge them and aim to raise
children that recognize their value and that of their neighbor’s.

The highest bidder will win:

  • Meet & Greet for you and a guest with Will Smith
  • A Dining Experience for you and a guest with Karyn Parsons, Tatyana Ali, Alfonso Ribeiro and James Avery at a trendy LA restaurant
  • Gift from Pit Bull Energy Drink (Retail Value: $500); Pit Bull – Attitude in a can. www.hiphopbev.com
  • Gift Bag from MyWorkButterfly.com – Moms’ 3-Hour Workweek;
    100% Guilt-Free Business-in-a-Bo x (Retail Value: $499)

    HOW: Visit MyWorkButterfly.com to bid on “A Fresh Prince of Bel Air” Experience on February 1-24, 2011 orCharityBuzz.com.

    Do take advantage of MyWorkButterfly’s free resources in child care, career counseling, financial, parenting, psychotherapy, health, fitness, travel, as well as 10,000+ job opportunities and celebrity “Mom Mentor” videos.  When you sign-up to become a member of MyWorkButterfly.com, you will be automatically entered to win an assortment of hit CD’s featuring Universal Republic’s featured artists: Colbie Caillat, 3-Doors Down, Hinder, Amy Winehouse, Jack Johnson…and more!

    Your donation will positively impact children’s lives forever.

    Terry Starr, Co-Founder, MyWorkButterfly, tstarr@myworkbutterfly.com , 973-868-4575
    Bradi Nathan, Co-Founder, MyWorkButterfly, bnathan@myworkbutterfly.com , 201-396-7770

    For questions on Pit Bull Energy Products,  contact Norbert Pickett at norbert@hiphopbev.com ,
    323-202-5351or to order visit www.hiphopbev.com

    For questions on Sweet Blackbery, visit www.sweetblackberry.org


Overcome Guilt and Fear

MyWorkButterfly.com, has conducted a National Mom’s Survey and we thank those of you who have taken the time to complete it. The idea was/is to learn more about you, as moms and to design the most resourceful site to fit your needs. What we learned from a large majority of you is that GUILT is the number one obstacle preventing you from returning to work. In response, we asked Julie Potischman, Butterfly’s resident psychotherapist the following:

How can women overcome the guilt associated with leaving their children to go to work each day?

“The expression it takes a village, is so true when it comes to raising children. I can’t even begin to tell you how many moms I hear who say they don’t work because they don’t have help and although the in-laws, for example, have offered, they say they won’t leave their kids with their mother-in-laws, or sometimes even their husband and, that they don’t trust these people with their children. My advice to them is always the same. Your mother-in law raised the man that you loved enough to marry and have children with, so they obviously did something right. And although they, meaning your mother-in-law, your own mother, husband, and/or babysitter may not be YOU, or do things exactly like you, you need to trust other people, get over yourself and allow your children to bond and learn from someone other than you. Guilt is a real feeling, but not a helpful one when it comes to raising a child and/or taking care of your own needs. Whenever I’m feeling guilty about something, I remind myself to take a deep breath and trust whomever I chose to leave my kids with and that it is GOOD for me and my children to trust other people, learn from other people, see things differently and to know and trust that mommy is ALWAYS coming home.”

In this survey, FEAR came right after GUILT. The second most popular answer when asked, What is preventing you from returning to work? FEAR. So, again we asked Julie for some advice:

How can women find the courage to return-to-work after having stayed home to raise their children?

“Talk it out with whomever will listen, THEN, feel the fear and do it anyway. Think about the lessons we try to teach our children.Wouldn’t we want our children to try to be brave? If we ask that of our children than the least we can do is model it. Remind yourself how good it will feel to look at yourself in the mirror each night, knowing what you accomplished. And, remember that the things we are the most scared of are the things we are the most proud of once mastered.”

Heed Julie’s advice. I know I have. Julie reveals more answers to pressing questions that we, as mothers, wrestle with. Her inspiring words of wisdom will be showcased at MyWorkButterfly.com this October. Therapy never came so easy. And, if Julie isn’t enough… let Nick Lachey be! Bidding ends late, October 1st and has already exceeded $6,000 with proceeds going to VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

Happy Job Hunting. Happy Mom.
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