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You Want a Job? You Got it!

As the Co-founder of Butterfly, I have been honored to meet a plethora of intelligent, savvy and witty women in business.  One such woman is Diana Kostas.  Diana is the Director of Business Development for Worth New York, a $100 million dollar luxury clothing sales business that allows women to succeed in their own business, while balancing family and community involvement.

Proving that the aforementioned is NOT just a claim, I offered my services to become an Agency Leader for Worth with the intention of sharing my experience with you. So, what does that mean exactly?  I am committed to hosting/selling the spring and summer 2012 Worth New York line in my home, for just one week.  I will document my experience and which will allow you to experience a run-through of the job by way of me!

Put simply, Worth New York, is offering YOU a career in fashion. I am offering you a behind the scenes look into the job of an Agency Leader, so that you may determine if in fact this is a job for you and your lifestyle.

Are you a natural leader with a large network of personal contacts who loves connecting with other women? If so, Worth New York is looking for YOU! (link to landing page-worth is looking for you!)

Here’s your chance,


Co-Founder and Mother

Work/Life Advocate


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Mentor. Find One Who Propels You. I Did.

In life one hopes to be lucky enough to find a mentor- someone who helps to mold the person you dream of becoming one day. This person lifts you, guides you, and inspires you to be the best – often resulting in something you didn’t even know you were capable of. This person is Maureen Haynes-Starr. Maureen was my mentor over 15 years ago and firmly holds that position today. I watched her run a multi-million dollar budget as the Global Media Director for Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics with a great deal of awe and respect. Her uncanny ability to lead a team while making calculated decisions made me proud to work alongside her.

She helped me to propel my own career in advertising by giving me the tools and encouragement that I needed to succeed- down deep I wanted to emulate her work ethic with the hopes of achieving all that she had as woman in business.

Today I am the Co-Founder of MyWorkButterfly.com, a global online social network committed to empowering return-to-work and working moms. Maureen was instrumental to my growth as a business woman and now I am returning the favor to our community of mothers. Maureen was the first person I asked to be on Butterfly’s advisory board and continues to help us make strategic decisions in branding and marketing to grow our business internationally.

Any corporation would be lucky to have her. I know I am.

Facebook, Teleseminar and Xmas Wishes

MyWorkButterfly.com announces its partnership with Facebook’s Circle of Moms application. You can now find us in the Working Moms group within Circle of Moms, dispensing the resourceful advice we provide at MyWorkButterfly. We are now able to share our content, as well as empower and inspire more moms than ever before. If you are on Facebook, and we assume that you are, check out the Circle of Moms/Working Moms Facebook application and add us to your circle!

Come January, as we mark our one-year anniversary, we are proud to bring our Butterfly members a series of live teleseminars. You will be able to sign up (limited enrollment) for a group of live phone calls with our experts. Nationally known Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig will kick-off the calls addressing and providing solutions for work/life stress, guilt, relationships struggles and self-image, to name a few. Please take our poll to let us know what call time works best for you.

With just a few days to go until Christmas, we thought we’d highlight a holiday-related Butterfly blog of the week submitted by B’fly members and husband/wife duo, Maureen and Michael Starr:

“Here we are full force into the “Holiday Season”, and so busy preparing to celebrate with family and friends. This can be a hectic time of year as we add so many additional projects and tasks to our over loaded days. I’d like to take a minute and share some suggestions for remaining safe while you are out shopping in preparation for your Holiday celebration.

-First and foremost, awareness is key! You must stay aware of all this is going on around you!

-Always have a charged and easily accessible cell phone; make sure it’s not buried at the bottom of your bag. You never know when you may need to reach it quickly.

-Avoid becoming distracted. Large noisy groups, someone asking for help or directions; you must make a conscious effort to remain alert and in tune with what is going on around you. Not so easy when we are with our children, I know. When you are consistently aware of your surroundings you can make the right choices to maintain your safety. You must become proactive as opposed to reactive.

-Don’t leave your pocketbook unattended. May seem to be an obvious suggestion, but I was in “ToysRus” recently and a woman left her bag in the shopping cart while she went to look at games. She wasn’t that far away but, it would have been very easy for someone to slip their hand into her bag and grab her wallet. It happens all the time!

-If possible shop with a friend. In addition to having a valuable second opinion, “safety in numbers” is a genuine deterrent.

-Choose your parking spots carefully. Remain as close to the entrance of a building as possible. Choose a spot that is under a light and remember where you parked your car. When you exit a store you DO NOT need to be searching a dark parking lot for your vehicle. If you feel uneasy ask security to escort you. Better safe, than sorry!

-Don’t overload yourself with packages. Consolidate. Make several trips to the car if necessary through out your shopping trip and have your keys in hand and ready. Don’t spend time organizing your packages in the trunk. Get them and yourself safely in the car quickly and LOCK the doors. Don’t wait for the auto lock to kick in when you start to drive.

-Make sure someone is aware of your schedule and where you will be. My wife was out shopping today and called me to say she would be home in 30 minutes. After an hour I checked in with her just to make sure she was ok. Fortunately she was fine, just engrossed in “the holiday shopping experience.”

I hope you will find these suggestions helpful and maybe they will make you think twice about your safety before you venture out. My goal is helping people maintain their safety and security.

There is No Protection…without Self Protection. Stay safe and enjoy the season,” says Maureen and Michael. We echo their sentiments!

Mother, Wife and Worker
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A Working Mom’s Business Banter

I have learned that in business, and in life, that “All is fair in love and war.” What does this mean exactly? Well, if you must know, it traces back to John Lyly’s “Euphues” (1598). The quote was “The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war.” John was a Renaissance English poet and playwright and certainly a man ahead of his time in recognizing that there are many a people who do not play fair. I imagine that some of you who are reading this now may be cursing those who have wronged you in business or in life. Maybe this conjures up thoughts of the gentleman who signed a contract agreeing to remit payment in 30 days that you still haven’t heard from. Or, perhaps it’s the woman who promised to reciprocate a promotion who never lived up to her end of the bargain. While I’d like to believe that everyone is moral and ethical, there are many business owners or independents that simply do not play fair. (Funny how we teach our children this basic concept when they are so very young.) I am not saying that you should completely lose faith in the system or that you should never let your guard down. What I am saying is that I would like you to proceed in business and in life with a bit of caution. (Is it obvious yet that some jerk did not make nice with me?)

Here is some food for thought:

1. Collect monies before you begin a project.

2. Do not accept checks/switch to credit card only and make sure to get card number up front.

3. Negotiate and sign contract before you begin executing proposal.

4. Offer a small percentage off for paying upfront.

5. Believe it when you see it.

6. Sales is a roller coaster ride. Get used to the peaks and valleys or get off the ride.

7.Go with your gut!

8. Be smart and strong and don’t be afraid to push back when negotiating.

9. Celebrate the wins no matter how big or small.

10. Have faith… there are still some gems out there.

Know that we all make mistakes in business… that’s how we learn, improve and become wiser. Many of your kids are off to school in the next week or so…. they too are on their way to becoming wiser. It is our job to teach them to dodge the bullies or to avoid the kid who doesn’t make a fair snack trade. What advice do you have in business or in life? Upload your answers in the form of a blog post at <a href=”http://www.myworkbutterfly.com&#8221; target=”_blank”>myworkbutterfly.com</a> and you may just be a new winner in our “30 Winners in 30 Days contest!” Congratulations to those who have already won: On 8/18 Shari Boockvar wrote a great piece entitled “Nutrition Inspirations” and won herself a book entitled “Peeing in Peace”, on 8/19 Carol Cohen uploaded a blog entitled “Nurses are Returning to Work in Droves” and now wins a hit CD from Universal Records and congrats to our 8/19 winner Amy Impellizzeri who blogged on Butterfly with an amazing post called “The Great Paula Debate” reviewing Paula Abdul’s Idol ousting and equal pay for women. Amy wins VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp Workout DVD. There are more prizes to be had… simply blog or create a forum at myworkbutterfly.com to be entered to win! Have a stress-free week!

Bradi, Co-Founder, MyWorkButterfly.com

Twitter Talk…

Let’s talk Twitter for a moment, shall we? I happened to scan through my list of Twitter followers late last night (@bradinathan) and was a bit creeped out! There were approximate 10 boys… YES BOYS… following me. While this could be flattering for some (I’ve been told I don’t look like a mom) it was hard to fathom that they’d truly be interested in hearing about my personal journey and the evolution of my social network at MyWorkButterfly.com. As such, I immediately hit BLOCK and off they went into a Twitter abyss. If you see a tweet that reads: “Generate thousands of followers for your twitter profile with this easy tool http://tinyurl.com/cxx6b6&#8221; DO NOT CLICK THROUGH. IT IS A SCAM. Immediately block the follower and move on! The “boys” who were following me ALL had the same tweets about how you too could get hundreds of followers with the click of a button. Beware. Please. So now let’s back up. What is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking site that is being used by some of the largest companies across the globe and has become one of the least expensive and most impactful marketing tools on earth. It is a free service that allows you to write messages, up to 140 characters, in real time. While you may be intrigued by my tweet revealing, “I just ordered in pizza for my kids, for the third time this week!”…. You are more likely to be interested in reading about the incredible resources and developments happening at MyWorkButterfly.com. Terry and I see Twitter as a valuable business tool and have tracked much of our traffic from this very source. We have chosen to “follow” all those related to our business: moms, HR companies, TV networks, related consumer products, media outlets and even marketing gurus. It allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of what is going in the mommy space, in the recruitment field and more. As such, we recommend adding Twitter (if you have not done so already) if you are looking to market you brand, service and learn more from an industry at hand. Twitter is not a substitute for Butterfly or Facebook, but an add-on if you really want to get in the game. The competition is fierce out there and, very often, you have to be “in it” in order to survive. If you need more advice regarding how you can develop and market your business on Twitter, or elsewhere, please let us know. we offer very reasonable consulting services that are personalized to fit specific objectives and needs. Believe us when we tell you that your success is our success. For those of you in the NYC area, please tune in to listen to us talk “all things Butterfly” on August 23 at 7 am on Z100. Radio DJ Danielle Monaro interviews my biz partner and I for this half hour “Get Active” spot. If you have not watched Danielle’s video interview on MyWorkButterfly.com, do so now. Her video is our MOST watched video on YouTube thus far. Now, witness our MOST outrageous Contest to date! 30 WINNERS IN 30 DAYS!!!! That’s right. All you have to do is upload a blog or forum … we will pick the most interesting post each day and declare a winner each day (Aug18-Sept 18). And so it begins….

Bradi Co-Founder, MyWorkButterfly.com