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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift- a Career!

The official Hallmark Holiday named Mother’s Day is approaching quickly.  I tend to believe that we should be celebrated every day rather than one lone Sunday during the month of May.  That’s just me.  Last year I blogged on Butterfly about giving ourselves the gift of time- time off and time out as opposed to our 24-hour TIME IN!  But, if you’ll recall, my time turned into my daughter’s time, as we shared the most perfect bike ride – while serenading one another to our own rendition of Taylor Swift.  What I realized last Mother’s Day is that when my daughter is older than her 8 years, she will want and even demand time of her own… alone (meaning not with me!).


This year I’ve vowed to give myself a NEW gift- the gift of work-life fit. I will continue to allow myself to dabble in ventures that I love- without fear and void of any guilt.  Because, as my mom would say, “You have NOTHING TO LOSE!”  This Mother’s Day I encourage you to give yourself the same gift, the gift of a new venture or adventure if you will, with the belief that you have EVERYTHING TO GAIN. 


Please accept our gift of work-life fit in this ground floor entrepreneurial opportunity because it’s your journey: Join Dillon Road’s team of Image Consultants, an exceptional network of people (lots of moms) passionate about helping men to be their best self by outfitting them with 100% custom tailored dress shirts. Each shirt is designed to each individual’s specific body proportions, physiques, and style preferences. Enjoy this Dillon Road opportunity, earn extra income, and allow it to fit into your life, not the other way around. This Mother’s Day adventure with Dillon Road can be embraced in between your kids’ soccer games, as a compliment to your day job or as a full-time career. It’s your choice. Period.


To learn more about your gift, enriching your life and the lives of those around you as a Dillon Road Independent Image Consultant, click here.  AND, to enter our Mother’s Day contest to WIN a custom made woman or man’s shirt from Dillon Road (value $135), simply “like” Dillon Road on facebook here!


Go on… Gift to YOURSELF this Mother’s Day,


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