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Taking Halloween Bids!

Before October marks its end with a bevy of costumes and a sugar rush to boot, I urge you to consider hanging out with two unbelievably talented (and oh so cool) Butterfly moms, Danielle Monaro and Siggy Flicker:


Help to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure by bidding on 2-Tickets to a sold-out Jingle Ball in NYC (featuring LADY GAGA and PITBULL, to name a few), lunch with Z100 co-host, Danielle Monaro and Z100 studio tour included!




Bid to raise money for VH1 Save the Music Foundation and enjoy a 45-minute phone consultation with Siggy Flicker, Love/Life Coach, STAR of VH1’s new hit reality show, “Why am I Still Single?”  The winner will also receive a “Turbo Twins Makeover” from the show’s Twin Beauty Experts, Jen and Jamie Dunn!




Enjoy the latest posts from Butterfly’s savvy social community:


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*Getting Fired: Avoiding it and Protecting Yourself when You are Fac…


And finally, before you carve (or attempt to carve) those pumpkins…



Don’t miss, 9 Child Safety Tips!




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Jerseylicious, Bloggerlicious, it’s Octoberlicious!

Happy Blogtober!  I asked you to blog and blog you did. AND, since I am a woman of my word…. Here are some wonderful new blogs written by a few extraordinary Butterflies:

  1. It’s Not Fair, by Julie Cole, mother of SIX. Read about Julie’s stellar performance in “showing” her kids what IS and IS NOT fair.
  2. A Radical Way to Organize School Lunches by Evelyn Cucchiara, mother of three. Revealed- a step-by-step guide to school lunches made easy!
  3. Scraped Knees and Broken Hearts by Cheryl  Shireman, mother of  three and grandmother of one.  A MUST-READ piece about a mother/daughter journey in lessons of love.


October boasts more than inspiring and resourceful Butterfly blogs – October is the month to meet Gayle GiocomoGatsby Salon Owner, star of Jerseylicious, single mother and, oh so young looking, grandmother.  Get to know Gayle in our face-to-face video interview showcased on Butterfly’s homepage. Learn how this Jersey mom proved to herself, after losing her husband Daniel to a sudden heart attack, that she has was it takes to persevere as a successful single mother and business owner.


Ahh, October, also a time to embrace the season of Fall (not in a literal sense) and National Breast Cancer Awareness month– “Celebrating 25 Years of Awareness, Education and Empowerment.”  It’s a time to wish those who observe Yom Kippur – an easy fast, those who have off- a nice Columbus Day and to all Halloween goers- a spooktacular Halloween!


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Girls Hope. What Do You Hope For?

Boys Hope Girls Hope is a non-profit, now in 16 cities and two foreign countries, that invites students from difficult, at-risk backgrounds to live in a home that provides a safe environment, financial support, academic tutoring, mentoring and opportunities to give back to the community. If you watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (and perhaps shed a tear) last night, you know that Ty Pennington and his design team set out to build an 11,000 square foot place for the Girls Hope program in Baltimore, Maryland, which just accepted its first seven members. It was the Boys Hope students who called upon Ty and his crew with the “hope” of bringing the girls in their community the same educational and emotional support that they have experienced. It was moving. It was real. It was good TV. And, it got us thinking…

As girls (we’d still like to refer to ourselves as girls- so, just go with it) what do we HOPE for?
We hope to lead by example
We hope to show inner beauty in a world consumed by outward appearances
We hope to prove that we are smart, savvy AND strong
We hope too that we live to see equal pay for equal work
We hope that our children will become better versions of us
We hope that our kids recognize the importance of a solid education and mentoring
We hope that our daughters and sons continue give back to their community as we girls (that’d be us in case you forgot the reference) lead by example

Hope. Dina Manzo “hoped” to provide pediatric patients and their families with a better life while battling serious illness, such as cancer. Hope turned to happen when this Real Housewife of NJ, and Butterfly mom, launched Project Ladybug. As some of you may recall, this past spring, Butterfly hosted a celebrity auction with the Manzos to raise money for Project Ladybug. This Friday, Terry and I will meet the Delaware-based auction winner and her daughter, who bid $3,050 to help make a difference in these children’s lives. In preparation for the experience, the winner is planning to bring wrapped gifts, not for the “Housewives” – but for the children of Project Ladybug. Terry and I will join the mother-daughter duo as they redeem their “prize”: lunch for two at the Brownstone with Dina and Caroline Manzo. We’ve been told that Teresa and/or Jacqueline may also pay a surprise visit to make this auction winner’s dream even more “real.”

Sometimes you have to do more than hope. What do you hope for? Butterfly member, Claudia Seggel hopes that you’ll watch her video and listen to her personal journey of courage and inspiration as we approach Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thereafter, purchase Claudia’s Cool Hats (hat-plus-hair invention made with human hair) for the “fashionista cancer diva” you may just have in your life.

To Claudia and the children, we hope you are well.

Bradi and Terry
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Dina Manzo Follows Taylor Swift and Auctions Herself Off!

The Taylor Swift auction closed at $6,100 last night benefiting music education in America’s schools (The VH1 Save the Music Foundation). The Los Angeles winner bought the experience for his fiancé and is proud to be able to make a difference in the lives of children. We wish this soon-to-be couple as much happiness as their generous donation will bring to students in need.

In just a few short weeks, June 8th to be exact, Butterfly will launch another exciting auction to benefit Project Ladybug and seriously ill pediatric patients living with cancer. Monies raised will help to provide these children with somewhere safe and comfortable to call home while receiving treatment. The Ladybug Fund at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital was founded by Dina Manzo, the star of Bravo TV’sReal Housewives of NJ.

The winner and a guest will experience an intimate dining experience with Dina and Caroline Manzo at the infamous Brownstone and be able to meet additional cast members to boot! If in your heart you are yearning to bid but your wallet does not permit, all we ask is that you help to spread the word. That is truly how we can ALL help to make a difference.

Looking for a quick and easy way to make a difference in the eyes of your own kids? Simply let us know what your child’s favorite PSP game is and invite one member to join Butterfly and you can WIN: The ModNation Racers Video Game for PlayStation3 AND be entered to win a PSP console. That’s it! We have TEN copies to give away by end of day tomorrow. It’s that simple.

Oh, before we go, check out the latest blog entries from your community members at Butterfly:

“Really Need a New Car?” by Julie Arnheim of Rubbingnickels.com
“If Attitude Were Contagious Mine Could Kill You” by Kristy Lorenzen at PampersandPinot.com
“The Recession and Very Poor Job Market in South Fla has me SO DOWN… by Brooke Davis

Enjoy the week and please continue to share your experiences with your fellow Butterflies. How else are we to know that we are not alone?

Bradi and Terry
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Celebrate Martin Luther King and Butterfly, Born January 15th

January 15th is synonymous with two things: the birth of the great Martin Luther King and the birth of MyWorkButterfly.com. Exactly one year ago on January 15th, 2009, Terry and I stood proudly in the home of Malaak and Chris Rock, who embrace Butterfly’s mission, and stated the following in front of Butterfly’s amazingly talented contributors, family and dear friends. Here is what we said:

“It is quite ironic that today, January 15th, we celebrate the birth of a man who fought for opposing races to coexist harmoniously. Here we are, nearly 50 years later… moms fighting for two opposing entities to coexist harmoniously, work and family or as some may say, personal and professional aspirations.
You see, we all have a dream.

Malaak Compton-Rock has graciously opened her home tonight in support of our dream to provide resources and solutions for mothers. Malaak is the ultimate Butterfly. She is a remarkable mother and wife, was named Philanthropist of the Year and is the Founder of The Angelrock Project, an e-village promoting everything to do with service and social responsibility.

Thank you to the wonderful women in this room who have inspired us on our own personal journey… our content providers and programmers who worked tirelessly to turn our concept into a reality, our sponsors and potential partners who recognize the power of Butterfly and its community of mothers and to our husbands who stepped up to encourage us follow our dream.

If Martin Luther King can succeed so too can we.”

Butterfly’s success in 2009 was measured by a growing community of smart and savvy women that now totals nearly 3,700 mothers from all walks of life. The content within Butterfly’s pages receives over 100,000 page view a month by members and non-members alike representing over 112 countries. Women sharing struggles, dreams, accomplishments and offering support to one another as we all continue to journey together.

We launched Butterfly in the midst of one of the worst recessions of all time and were saddened to see that eleven months later there has been little improvement in the economy- a staggering 85,000 jobs were lost this past December alone. We need one another, and Butterfly, now more than ever. As a result, Terry and I will be offering a teleclass for those of you with online wishes and financial dreams. We have sought out one of the most talented SEO (search engine optimization) and online experts in the industry and will be offering a class, “The Web for Working Moms; 27 Free or Low-Cost Ways To Get an Extra $300- $500 per month.” He is going to cover everything you need to begin making extra income online, working from home- or anywhere else you have internet access, using low-cost and often FREE tools that anyone can learn to use. The best part is that he is offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. To pre-register for this limited enrollment at our negotiated rate, just for you, of $47 (regularly $97) reply to Terry Starr.

Watch our January “Mom Mentors” reveal how they do it all in these exclusive featured videos of Dina Manzo, star of Real Housewives of NJ, and Gina Garrubbo, EVP of BlogHer. And, while you’re there, buy yourself an early Valentine’s present inButterfly’s Shop to benefit Multiple Sclerosis, a Butterfly pendent necklace. You deserve it. Here’s to another memorable year spent together.

G-d we love this “job”.

Bradi and Terry
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