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Taking Halloween Bids!

Before October marks its end with a bevy of costumes and a sugar rush to boot, I urge you to consider hanging out with two unbelievably talented (and oh so cool) Butterfly moms, Danielle Monaro and Siggy Flicker:


Help to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure by bidding on 2-Tickets to a sold-out Jingle Ball in NYC (featuring LADY GAGA and PITBULL, to name a few), lunch with Z100 co-host, Danielle Monaro and Z100 studio tour included!




Bid to raise money for VH1 Save the Music Foundation and enjoy a 45-minute phone consultation with Siggy Flicker, Love/Life Coach, STAR of VH1’s new hit reality show, “Why am I Still Single?”  The winner will also receive a “Turbo Twins Makeover” from the show’s Twin Beauty Experts, Jen and Jamie Dunn!




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And finally, before you carve (or attempt to carve) those pumpkins…



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charitybuzz | #252808 – Win a Date with the Stunning Joumana Kidd: Model, Actress & Commentator in New York City

charitybuzz | #252808 – Win a Date with the Stunning Joumana Kidd: Model, Actress & Commentator in New York City.

Mean Girls and Where to Find the Nice Ones!

What do Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys have in common? They both rocked Vera Wang dresses this past weekend, in two very different ceremonies, as they exchanged their “I Do’s”. While an expecting Alicia married her DJ lover, Chelsea opted for the Wall Street Banker (doing her parents proud we are sure). Both weddings appeared in Google’s “top 10” trend list proving that we are either romantics at heart, or that we are simply happy to see two “nice girls” find love. For Chelsea, we suspect that upholding her “nice girl” image to be exasperating at times (thanks to dear old dad’s screw-ups – pun intended).
If life could be filled with Alicia’s and Chelsea’s, then we wouldn’t have to endure the “mean girl” chat with our own daughters now, would we? We checked in with Butterfly’s resident Psychotherapist, Julie Potischman, to find out how to best steer our own daughters towards the Alicia’s of the world and here is what she had to say, “Start teaching your children at an early age (around 3) that if someone is being mean then they simply do not need to play with them and that there are others they can be with who will be kind. Teach your daughters that the best revenge is happiness. Explain to your child that she must show the mean kids that they are NOT affected by them in order to squash the mean kids’ spirit and give them a target not worth being unkind to. Studies show that if you disengage with a bully then they will eventually stop. If, of course, the mean child is relentless and it becomes a dangerous or harmful situation, you as a parent must step in and get involved. Encourage your child, praise them, boost their confidence as often as you can so when an unruly child surfaces they will be better protected with inner confidence and self respect to soften the blow.” Lindsay Lohan played the Queen Bee in the movie “Mean Girls” and look where she is now! Jail. We know, be nice, she too is somebody’s daughter – even if the mother acts more like her sister (oh, there we go again). On this troubling topic, or others, click through to speak to Julie directly.

If you’d care to meet a VERY NICE girl – co-founder Terry Starr – and are headed to BlogHer this Friday, then email Terry directly. She’d love the opportunity to meet you! A few more “nice girls” we’d like you to meet within the Butterfly community:

1. Angela Santomero: Featured August “Mom Mentor”, creator of Blue’s Clues and Super WHY!, mommy of two adorable little girls. Angela reveals why they named him BLUE here!
2. Michelle Workman: Interior Designer to many LA A-List celebs, mom of two fabulous little boys. Watch her video interview!
3. Lisa Wexler, Host of Live with Lisa!, mom and sister to Jill Zarin who discloses Jill’s REAL personality. Watch Lisa dish here!

Until next week… be nice.

PS. Click through for details on our upcoming, one-of-a-kind auction launching AUGUST 5th with Grammy award-winning artist, Colbie Caillat to benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation!

PPS. We are sending another lucky family to SESAME PLACEEnter to win four tickets now!


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Taylor Swift Helps Save the Music

Over the course of this past year we’ve talked much about the recession and about how we have all been personally affected. Terry and I have been committed to finding you opportunities, whether through Butterfly’s national job search board or via companies like Jos A Bank and Cigna. Moreover, we have provided resources on how to build your on or offline business by pulling out excerpts from Scott Fox’s book “Internet Riches”, Mike Michalowicz’s “The Toilet Paper entrepreneur” or Gary Vaynerchuk’s guide called, “Crush It.” Since Butterfly’s launch on January 15, 2009, Butterfly has been devoted to empowering mothers… after all that’s why we launched the site in the first place.

During this recession we are proud to say that Butterfly has helped mothers in more ways than one. As many of you may know, Butterfly is committed to aiding many non-profits that in turn, help mothers by helping their children. This past fall, we teamed up with the VH1 Save the Music Foundation in an effort to benefit school music programs. Our 1999 Nick Lachey auction gave way to donating a portion of the $10,600 bid for a date with the man himself, Nick Lachey.

According to the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, “In this economic downturn nonprofits face especially troubling times: private contributions decline as individual, corporate, and foundation donors are less inclined to give; governmental funding declines or disappears; and earnings from endowments shrink along with their capital market values. On the other hand, economic downturns put added demands on nonprofits’ already dwindling resources: more clients ask for increased help; fewer volunteers, concerned about their own household incomes, willingly give their time to nonprofit service; and budgets for many routine activities — such as public outreach and maintenance of buildings and vehicles — are cut so that every possible dollar can be channeled more directly into client services.”

Our recent auctions with Rachelle and Ed Begley Jr., Martha Byrne and [our currently live] Taylor Swift, allow us to help make a difference on a larger scale in the lives of mothers and their families. Take a moment to bid on the opportunity to Meet Taylor Swift or at least to spread the word. The VH1 Save the Music Foundation thanks you as does Butterfly and the children’s lives that will be forever changed regardless of the state of the economy.

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Gloria Allred, Nick Lachey and Butterfly, Oh My!

We are on a high and it’s not the kind of high we fear for our children. Terry and I have just wrapped up our trip to Los Angeles where we continued our commitment to delivering inspiring and empowering mom mentor videos. Our interviews took us to Gloria Allred’s office where she revealed that she felt as if she were in the midst of a Tsunami as the Tiger Woods case reached its climax (no pun intended). We witnessed the softer side of Gloria that day, a woman who was overcome with feelings of pride as she spoke of daughter Lisa Bloom and of her grandchildren. She is a woman that has passionately paved the way for females, likening herself to Rosa Parks or Susan B. Anthony. It is a video interview that you simply will not want to miss and one that will be edited and uploaded as soon as possible!

Gloria Allred with Butterfly Founders, Bradi and Terry
We continued our travels to Studio City to the very “green” home of actress and mom, Rachelle Carson-Begley (wife of Ed Begley Jr. and star of “Living With Ed”). Rachelle shared her frustrations in show biz, revealing that it is most challenging to be cast as a woman who stands at 5’9″ in Hollywood with a daughter yearning to follow the same path (at 5’10” I am now certain that I did not miss my calling). Ed joined in for a little husband/wife banter and to share a glimpse of what it’s like to wholeheartedly improve the carbon footprint of this world.

We journeyed on and interviewed Hilary Banks, the pretentious daughter from the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. Karyn Parsons, aka Hilary, was anything but. Her adorable looks haven’t changed in the least; it was as if she stepped right off of the set in the early 1990’s. Karyn shared her challenges in parenting, acting, and of her current passion, Sweet Blackberry. Sweet Blackberry is Karyn’s third child, a company devoted to producing animated DVD’s sharing stories of unsung black heroes. Her desire to educate and entertain children was evident in her every word. We will be showcasing and honoring Karyn this February as we celebrate Black History Month.

Jill (Jacquelyn’s sister), Jacquelyn Dunphy (Contest Winner), Nick Lachey, Bradi and Terry (Butterfly Founders)
The culmination of the perfect trip; enter Nick Lachey and Jacquelyn Dunphy. Jacquie was the recipient of MyWorkButterfly’s October auction to benefit Vh1 Save The Music Foundation. As such, we whisked Jacquie to LA, checked her into the W in Westwood, sent her to be outfitted by Club Monaco and off to Mastro’s restaurant for an evening like no other. Truth be told, this was an auction like no other. Our hearts became heavy when we heard that Jacquie’s sister, Jill, paid $10,600 so that she could meet this Hollywood heartthrob. This gift was purchased for Jacquie with the hopes that her spirits would be lifted after the sudden loss of her husband just a few years ago. Jill’s intention was to give Jacquie something to look forward to, a moment to get dressed up and to perhaps begin anew. This is a love story indeed. Not between Nick Lachey and Jacquie per se, but of the love between two sisters. The Nick Lachey auction far exceeded our expectations in raising money for a good cause. With Nick’s help, we were able to create a new, happy, life experience for Jacquie (Did we mention that Mario Lopez was dining next to Nick and Jacquie at Mastros? Only in LA).

Butterfly at its best.

Congratulations to Jacquie and a HUGE thanks to her angel of a sister Jill and to Nick Lachey, the man of the evening who was a perfect gentleman and an ideal first date.

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Overcome Guilt and Fear

MyWorkButterfly.com, has conducted a National Mom’s Survey and we thank those of you who have taken the time to complete it. The idea was/is to learn more about you, as moms and to design the most resourceful site to fit your needs. What we learned from a large majority of you is that GUILT is the number one obstacle preventing you from returning to work. In response, we asked Julie Potischman, Butterfly’s resident psychotherapist the following:

How can women overcome the guilt associated with leaving their children to go to work each day?

“The expression it takes a village, is so true when it comes to raising children. I can’t even begin to tell you how many moms I hear who say they don’t work because they don’t have help and although the in-laws, for example, have offered, they say they won’t leave their kids with their mother-in-laws, or sometimes even their husband and, that they don’t trust these people with their children. My advice to them is always the same. Your mother-in law raised the man that you loved enough to marry and have children with, so they obviously did something right. And although they, meaning your mother-in-law, your own mother, husband, and/or babysitter may not be YOU, or do things exactly like you, you need to trust other people, get over yourself and allow your children to bond and learn from someone other than you. Guilt is a real feeling, but not a helpful one when it comes to raising a child and/or taking care of your own needs. Whenever I’m feeling guilty about something, I remind myself to take a deep breath and trust whomever I chose to leave my kids with and that it is GOOD for me and my children to trust other people, learn from other people, see things differently and to know and trust that mommy is ALWAYS coming home.”

In this survey, FEAR came right after GUILT. The second most popular answer when asked, What is preventing you from returning to work? FEAR. So, again we asked Julie for some advice:

How can women find the courage to return-to-work after having stayed home to raise their children?

“Talk it out with whomever will listen, THEN, feel the fear and do it anyway. Think about the lessons we try to teach our children.Wouldn’t we want our children to try to be brave? If we ask that of our children than the least we can do is model it. Remind yourself how good it will feel to look at yourself in the mirror each night, knowing what you accomplished. And, remember that the things we are the most scared of are the things we are the most proud of once mastered.”

Heed Julie’s advice. I know I have. Julie reveals more answers to pressing questions that we, as mothers, wrestle with. Her inspiring words of wisdom will be showcased at MyWorkButterfly.com this October. Therapy never came so easy. And, if Julie isn’t enough… let Nick Lachey be! Bidding ends late, October 1st and has already exceeded $6,000 with proceeds going to VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

Happy Job Hunting. Happy Mom.
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Nick Lachey. Give Before You Receive.

So much to tell! I hardly know where to begin other than with saying, I eat too much when I work from home!!! Okay, that’s out of the way. Thanks to all of tSo much to tell! I hardly know where to begin other than with saying, I eat too much when I work from home!!! Okay, that’s out of the way. Thanks to all of the new Butterflies who joined MyWorkButterfly.com as a result of the Nick Lachey Auction that Butterfly is currently hosting. What about Nick Lachey you ask? Well, the handsomely sweet Nick Lachey is currently being auctioned off LIVE on MyWorkButterfly.com. For Real!! Now is your chance to bid on a Dream Date with Nick with a portion of the proceeds going to VH1 Save The Music Foundation. You can win this Dream Date (heavenly if you ask me) in LA, roundtrip tickets for TWO via JetBlue Airways to LA, a $500 shopping spree to Club Monaco, hotel accommodations for one night in LA and a gift bag from us! This is your chance to truly make a difference… to keep music education in America’s schools. Please bid, tweet, post on facebook, blog or scream from your rooftop to help us announce this LIVE auction! We thank you … the school children will thank you.

Next, I’d like to share a bit about this little interview we had with the fabulous Dina Manzo of Real Housewives of NJ. Who doesn’t love a good housewife? She was sweet and soft spoken and even admitted to feeling bad for fellow cast mate and mom, Danielle Staub for having lost her childhood to abuse. Dina promises we are in for another fabulous season as she wrestles with the decision to leave her hands-on position as Event Planner in favor of her charity, Project Ladybug. Diana Ross, friend and Publicist of Dina’s, is hosting a benefit at her Town and Country Apocathery Fine Cosmetics boutique in Ridgewood, NJ on November 6. We do hope those moms in the NJ area will join us as we help to raise money for another good cause~ St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and children living with illness. Visit MyWorkButterfly.com Event’s section for details. Speaking of housewives, Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of NYC will be Butterfly’s featured Mom Mentor during October. My biz partner, Terry, had the pleasure of interviewing Jill in her Hampton’s home this past summer, while meeting mom Gloria and other friends/members of Jill’s outrageous circle.

Some not so famous housewives are to be recognized on Butterfly as well. Meet Iris Shamus, creator of Allermates.com. Allermates is the first accessory of its kind that your child can wear to alert others to his/her allergies. Shop this newly released product by visiting Butterfly’s Marketplace section where you will be given a promotional code for 10% off (for two weeks only) these life-saving products. If you are a parent, friend, aunt, sister of a child with allergies- now is your chance to worry just a little bit less. Next meet Shari Boockvar M.S., R.D., who just published her first book “How Austin Got His Muscles.” It’s a fun tale revealing the importance of choosing colorful fruits and vegetables. My own daughter mimicked the book and grabbed a “green” grape right from the fridge. Purchase at NutriFactsForYou.com.

Lots going on, online and off ~ We hope to meet some of you this Friday at the SuperMoms Roundtable event in Westchester, NY as we join Go Red and America’s Heart Association to increase awareness and prevent heart disease in women. Or, at our Transformation Event that will be held at Dieci Lifestyle Spa in Livingston, NJ on October 22 offering Makeover Tips, Career Advice and More! Register by Oct. 18 for a chance to receive a free makeover~ Join in the excitement!


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