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I have finally risen fro…

I have finally risen from my turkey-induced coma and was curious to know if anyone else ate oneself into oblivion? Nonetheless, it was a nice respite from work…that I am sure you will all agree. I spent Thanksgiving Day, before our family feast, with my husband and kids at the Salvation Army. The obvious notion was to show my children, the son who longs for the iPhone 4s in particular, how they can impact the lives of the less fortunate. My family helped to separate non-perishables so that they could be easily identified and accessed for those to take home. We put out desserts, set the tables (more than 100 seats) and finally served food to the amazing families yearning for a Thanksgiving Day meal. We were thanked by many that day but, the real thanks goes to the children, mothers, and men, who touched our lives by allowing us to improve theirs. And the next time I eat myself into oblivion, I will regretfully do so knowing that I could have fed a village with the amount of food consumed.

Back to work on Monday to read yet another amazing post from our Career Coach, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran:
-What to do When the Boss takes Credit for your Work?

And, another hard-hitting piece by Jill Starishevsky, who prosecutes child abuse and sex crimes in New York City:
-Talking to Kids About Sexual Abuse

Both pieces are topical and timely so make sure to take a moment to read and to post some of your own expertise as well!

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